Building an ecommerce application

29 April 2019 — Written by Joe Boulos

Day 1

During the time between finishing the software engineering immersive at Hack Reactor and landing my first job as a fullstack developer, me and a few of my friends in the cohort decided to create an ecommerce site.

On our first day, we had our first standup and there was a lot to talk about.

Our first standup began by discussing the architecture of the app, should we set up microservices or have one giant application. We spent some time weighing the pros and cons between each design, how authentication would work, how data would be transfered between components to name a few.

This led to a discussion between the different technologies we planned on using to develop the application, our schedule, our deadlines, our system design and where to start with developing the app.

We decided that before getting into the different technologies, we should start from a very basic standpoint and set up the styling for each component in the application.

To conclude our first standup, we made a list of different technologies to brush up on before our next meeting. During our next meeting we plan to finalize our system design and the applications architecture and then begin developing the app.